Why do I Posh?

Poshmark is a great way to resell your gently used clothing for extra cash! Learn more about why I use Poshmark and why you should become a posher as well!


Since I’ve started my business of reselling on poshmark, I have been able to clean out my closet, and add new treasures to my personal wardrobe as well. I’ve been able to network with other amazing poshers through social media and gain insight on how to improve my reselling business!

Here are a few reason why I Posh:

Environmentally – friendly lifestyle!

Poshmark provides a way to recycle clothing and sell your gently used items for extra money. As a society, we are shown through the media that having the latest and most pricey fashion is the best way to express your certain type of style. But did you know that you could search for that type of fashion on Posh for much less? Along with selling on posh, I’ve spent time shopping on there as well and have found amazing high end fashions for much less! Poshmark allows you to find any type of fashion for a much lower price that what you pay in the store, along with helping to recycle clothing throughout our society.

Side Hustle! You can never make too much money!

Becoming a re-seller is a great side hustle that you can make extra money with! I’ve always believed that you can never make too much money! The amount that you make from selling your used clothing from your closet can be saved for a rainy day or a much desired vacation. Since becoming a re-seller on Posh, I have been able to save up enough money for extra spending cash on vacations, as well as be able to buy every single Christmas gift for my family in December of 2019. Selling on posh is a great way to become an entrepreneur in having your own business of resale!

Designer for less!

I know this has been mentioned before, but it is such an amazing thing about Posh! If you are looking for designer labels whether they are Michael Kors, Burberry or Louis Vuitton, poshmark has any type of you brand can imagine for half (or much less) the price! Whether you are the typical college student on a budget or a business woman that at the top of her career, poshmark has the brands you love for a great discounted price.

I know I’ve got you hooked! Doesn’t this sound like a great new way shop best dressed for less? If you haven’t already, download the Poshmark app!

Happy Poshing Lovelies!

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