Stay Patient: Trust Your Journey

I feel so blessed that I’m able to use this quarantine to revision my blog and brand into something fresh and new.
There are so many new ideas buzzing in my mind. I’ve been very anxious lately because I want to hit the ground running with new ideas and goals that I’ve set for myself. But at the moment, I cant physically make these thoughts become reality.

I started to feel this pressure to have everything perfectly planned by the time the quarantine was over… But that created a reason for fear and doubt in my mind. “What if my ideas aren’t received well?” “What If things don’t go to plan and I have to start over with something different?” The “what if” syndrome gets me every time.

But these things are not true and havent been proven. Fear and doubt comes because we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone to pursue something new. Why do we fear change? Because it means something must come to an end and something new must begin…something that isnt known to us yet.

I’m using this quarantine to gain confidence in my vision of what I want to manifest info reality. That doesn’t mean trying to create the perfect thing to impress others. It means to stay true to what I believe in and in turn will attract authentic people who support the same vision as me.

Stay true to you.

Clecle xoxo

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